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fitoffice_logo Fitoffice provides company health care 2.0 for improved health, more motivation and better performance at the place of work.  With weekly video lessons, written by experts and presented by professional actors, Fitoffice offers inexpensive and inspiring company health care. www.fitoffice.ch
educatorly_logo Educatorly is the answer to all questions concerning knowledge transfer via the internet. Whether a private person wants to time-efficiently record online learning videos or an educational institute wants to implement a stand-alone online learning platform. Educatorly fills the role the customer wants - consultant, designer, implementor or maintainor. www.educatorly.com
carfritz_logo Carfritz is a service, which critically heightens the transparency of car service bills for the owners. The online platform fosters mutual understanding between customer and garage owner and provides well-founded complaints where necessary. www.carfritz.com
fitonic_logo Fitonic is a global online platform for fitness and sport and serves as an efficient interface between providers and end consumers in the field of fitness and sport. The innovative platform features listings and rankings of various offers and provides a great transparency in the field of fitness and sport.  www.fitonic.net
diabird Diabird facilitates the everyday life of diabetics. Thanks to an innovative and intuitively to use software, the smartphone app significantly improves a diabetic’s quality of life.  Diabird’s unique approach fosters the self-management of diabetics and offers a community that brings them together.  www.diabird.com
 diplomero logo Diplomero is the first Swiss online education platform that allows anyone to create and attend online courses. The platform unlocks the expertise of the millions of smart people in the world by providing them with an innovative way to share their knowledge online. www.diplomero.com 

immobalk_logo_exit Immobalk.com is an all-in-one real estate site in the Balkan area. The aim of Immobalk is to offer reliable information about homes for sale, apartments for rent and real estate markets and trends. The platform helps its users to figure out exactly what, where, and when to buy, sell, or rent. www.immobalk.com

The aim of the Raffinessen team is to create high-quality spice combinations to help home cooks turn away from run-of-the-mill flavour enhancers and towards aromas that can be found naturally in various parts in the world. Raffinessen is a Tacooma brand.


Campus Lab is the leading academic publishing company in Switzerland with the services Semestra.ch, Studiversum and Advanthesis. Campus Lab - Useful services for students. Campus Lab is a company of Paxiro Holding.



 tacooma.png Tacooma – Sourcing, shaping, selling. Tacooma's goal is to trace and to identify existing and new products as well as ideas, prototypes and concepts from all over the world. These products will be customized and tweaked in order to be ready for certain markets and customer needs. www.tacooma.com

If you assess the quality of your doctor's services on the Medicosearch Internet platform, you will be helping others who are looking for the best possible physician for them, and you will contribute to more transparency in health services.


As an independent brand valuation company, BV4 calculates the financial value of brands and other intangible assets using both scientifically founded and standardized methods. 


StudiMedia is an agency for university marketing and a consultancy for employer branding. Present since 2003, StudiMedia provides services to various Swiss-based and European clients. Studimedia is a company of Paxiro Holding.


Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. We serve businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45 countries on all six continents.


We support

Incuray - Digital services and incubation www.incuray.com
paxiro.png Paxiro – Exciting ventures www.paxiro.com
Feensee – True commitments www.feensee.com
Venture – Companies for tomorrow www.venture.ch
IQ – Inspiration Quarterly www.inspirationquarterly.ch
Sergeant – At your brand's service

We lecture

hwz.png University of Applied Sciences Zurich www.fh-hwz.ch
 heg-fribourg.png University of Applied Sciences, Fribourg www.heg-fr.ch